Ben Zion Jackson is an emerging filmmaker and established videographer and photographer who uses his technical know-how to expand his artistic visions. His unlimited ambitions whose life history combines the union of diverse races and cultures. Jackson lets his respect for all elements of story-telling and technical expertise guide him both behind the camera and at the editing station.

His experiences as a husband and father of two brings a depth of understanding that imbues all he does. He also enjoys hacking new digital cameras with old film parts and new software, especially Magic Lantern Raw.

A graduate of Concordia University in Montréal, Jackson has worked as Camera Operator on the feature film Alice in the Attic, the upcoming feature documentary Humanity Stoked Director of Photography for the television show Today in America with Terry Bradshaw and Business Day with Terry Bradshaw, and director of many advertising campaigns for companies such as Wealthy Commercials, Redline Communications and Industrial Alliance.

He is the editor (and occasional camera operator) for the Positive Creations Artventures Webseries (19 episodes so far). His short film Shadow of a Lady premiered at the 2015 Galatic Film Festival in Hollywood, California, and he is currently distributing his new documentary: River's End, which premiered April at the Festival de Films pour l'Environnement in April, 2017 and will also be screened at the Toronto International Independent Film Festival in December 2018.

He has had the privilege of producing music videos for artists such as the late George Harrison, Dead Messenger, Full Course, Ale Dee and Imposs. He also managed Montréal Home Movies where he learned film techniques as he restored customer's memories to digital preservations.

He frequently collaborates with Blackboard Pictures, Six Degrees in Motion and Soner Rock Films.

He looks forward to collaborating with you on your vision in the very near future.

Selected Works

Pro Vidéo Montréal Ad

Director, Camera, Editor

The Chris Dyer Artventures: Cuba

Director of Photography, Editor

"What is Life" - George Harrsion

Director, Editor, B Cam Op - Contest for Genero.TV

Collingwood Whisky - Advertisement

Director, Camera & Editor

"Fat Black Heart" - Dead Messenger

Director of Photography, Editor

"Mon Tailleur" - Sally Folk